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We don't believe in costly barriers needlessly implemented by most registrars and certification agencies inflating, hindering, or complicating your ISO certification (and audits). Many companies confront these issues with undue stress during ISO certification and it is truly unnecessary, especially with the new edition of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Routine, formulaic pricing by most registrars is cost prohibitive for many companies (plus auditor travel, lodging, document preparation, etc.) and includes pointless complexity, empty formalities, boilerplate documents, as well as nonsensical and inconsistent audits.

ISO policy states specifically that an audit is simply a "gathering of evidence". Although recommendations and guidelines exist for audits in regards to this ambiguous statement, an exploited and profit-based system is used and considered rote by most registrars and auditors. Most participate in the costly practice of meeting preconceived and biased requirements rather than your company's contractual obligation to your customers needs. Also, audit guidelines now in place by ISO have been radically amended and liberalized. Annual audits after initial ISO certification with most registrars again involves auditor travel, lodging, document preparation, etc. as well as an often quota-like approach in issuing corrective actions. Combined with inflated initial certification, annual surveillance audits factor in to become a costly and bewildering experience overall.

We assess your quality systems while adhering to ISO standards. We determine compliance and do not waste your company's valuable resources. We provide a realistic process that is not only cost effective and thorough but also pragmatic. In addition, the certification process is fully supported so that your company is not deciphering ISO without guidance. When we eliminate these useless industry "rote" activities stated above, the cost-to- benefit ratio for your company becomes astronomical.

In addition, we provide true value-added service in full support year round (external customer audits, technical issues, etc.). With experience in an array of technical and quality areas we are helpful to our client family when dealing with problems, external audits, or any related quality issues.

We would like the opportunity for you to experience the value of our services with the intention to earn your trust and continued business as your ISO registration company. Our company's slogan is "Revolutionizing Certification" for valid reasons we uphold and would like your company to experience.

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We determine compliance and do not waste your company's valuable resources.
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